12.00 - 13.00

Registration & Lunch


13.00 - 13.10

Opening Act


13.10 - 13.20

Welcoming Address


hannah fry
lecturer, ucl


13.20 - 14.10

Opening Presentation

konrad feldman
ceo, quantcast

Peter day
engineering director, quantcast


14.10 - 14.50

Fall Back in Love
With Advertising

Jon Mew // moderator
ceo, iab

Chris Binns
chief strategy officer, mediacom

Nic travis
svp head of digital marketing, mbna

Philip sandler
svp digital marketing, homeserve

sue hunt
sales director, mail online

Quantcast has assembled a panel of industry leaders to dissect the challenges in today’s ad business that can make it hard to love, and discuss what can be done to bring back some of the romance. Hear from Jon Mew, CEO of IAB UK, Nic Travis of MBNA, Sue Hunt of the Mail Online, Chris Binns of Medicom, and Philip Sandler of Homeserve as they argue their case on what it takes to get ad industry back in the game and find out who still carries a torch for adland, even in the face of negative headlines.


14.50 - 15.35

The language of optimisation, measurement, accountability and efficiency has a place in business, for very obvious reasons. But in marketing (and perhaps in HR and R&D) it cannot be the only mode of thinking.  This is difficult. After all, it's much easier to get fired for being irrational than for being unimaginative. 

My Advertising Is so Efficient It No Longer Works

Rory sutherland
vice-chairman & executive
creative director, ogilvy group




16.05 - 16.30

Hear how one of the world's largest brands took a fresh approach to measuring how its digital advertising spend impacted the most important measure of all: sales. Ryan Miles from Microsoft and Josje Zwinkles from Amnet will share insights into how they worked with Quantcast to deliver meaningful incremental revenue.


16.30 - 17.15

Following high-profile roles in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Jason Bourne, Riz will reveal behind-the-scenes insights into how the latest special effects technology is influencing acting today. 

Neil Corbould is the visual genius behind movies including Rogue One, Alien Covenant, Gladiator, and the upcoming Ready Player One. Neil will discuss the relationship between machines and humans when it comes to portraying stories on the big screen and what lessons brands and agencies can take from Hollywood when it comes to technology enhancing, not getting in the way of, audience engagement.

Join the Rebellion: What the Ad Industry Can Learn From Hollywood

hannah fry // moderator
lecturer, ucl

ben morris

neil corbould
special effects supervisor

riz ahmed